Driving that conversion with a few simple steps!

Driving that conversion with a few simple steps!

Let’s stop for a minute and talk a little about creating a product page that WILL convert your potential buyer, rather than send them away in 2 second’s flat! 

There are many areas of a website that are important. For e-Commerce though one of the most important areas of the website is the PRODUCT PAGE. The actual area that you spend all your time trying to convince your audience they need to visit. 

So what happens once you get your potential buyer to that all important product page? Are they converting or bailing?  

We get a lot of small business owners reach out to us for a little help and guidance. 90% of the time they source us out as they are burnt out and ready to throw in the towel as nothing seems to be working.

When we sit down and look at what they are doing they are ticking all the boxes; 

  • Be present on social media every day!
  • Run ad campaigns! 
  • Email campaigns!  
  • Analytics

And the list goes on! 

65% of our clients have done an amazing job and created their own website themselves. The other 35% have put their trust in the hands of the professionals and paid someone to create this for them. 

Reaching out and getting someone else to handle this side of things is a great way to support other small businesses. It also means you are going to get a professional website handed back. Unfortunately, sometimes though as beautiful as the website looks and functions it really comes down to what is going to convert the buyer. 

A great landing page that looks a million bucks will only go so far in keeping that potential customer on your site that little bit longer.  

But what is it really that is going to lead them to that all important button….. Add to Cart?  

Have a look at what your competition has written on their products. Put yourself in your buyers mind. Has your description answered all the questions they have about this product? Have you written as such they are already imagining their life with this product? 

Make sure you include the 5 important keys;

1. What

2. Where

3. Why

4. How 

5. When

Ensuring you have these 5 questions answered will have you sitting in a good position. 

If you need a little help adding some little backlinks in to assist in upselling and SEO ranking, you can check out our other blogs. 

Ask a friend!

Your friends are the ones that will tell you the truth and even help fill the gaps you have left. 

We offer mentor sessions where we can go through your website and product page, look at the improvements that can be easily made and work out a practical and achievable plan to get your sales rolling in. 

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