Your 2022 Instagram Guide

Instagram 101

Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing tools for your business.

Let's show you how to make it work for you.
  • 1,130.2 million users access this popular social media platform per month
  • You have the option to plug your products right in for everyone to purchase STRAIGHT AWAY
  • Your customers can reach you fast
  • Its Professional Dashboard shows you in real time how your account is looking
  • Options for expanding your business are virtually limitless. Use photos, live videos, reels, stories and hashtags to promote your business anytime

  • Reach your ideal audience effectively through sponsored ad campaigns
  • New Home, Favourites, and Following Feed Views to stay connected with your ideal customer on a customised feed.

Shall we go on……

Instagram can be more than a simple means of keeping up with your pals' activities. It may be the engine behind your business. Instagram is used by experts and small enterprises to connect with their consumers, interact with them, and make money.

Let us give the rundown on the must-do’s for your account.

  1. Make sure your account is actually set up as a business not personal
  2. Develop a strong brand recognition from the start
  3. Pre-plan your layout so it looks consistent and engages new followers the moment they land on your page
  4. Ensure your BIO is set up to showcase what your business is and why they now can not live without you in their lives. 
  5. Always follow this rule when developing your content
    • Your account/home page is to attract and convert new followers
    • Stories are to nurture your current followers
    • Reels and video’s are for growth
    • Be consistent
    • Always give value. Don’t just post about your products every single time. Show them your life, behind the scene, solve a problem and most of all BE YOU!
6. INTERACT!!! Do not just post on Sundays and leave. Social media is a place where you need to be SOCIAL! You cannot expect to grow your presence if you are not PRESENT! Show some love for your followers. Comment on their content, hit the love button, share their posts to your stories, and help a fellow small business out. However, don't spend all day there. It could be 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night.
7. Hashtags!! Yes they are a pain and A LOT of work when you are doing the initial research, but SO SO worth it. Our tips on #
    • Use relevant hashtags – make sure the hashtag actually matches the content
    • You don’t need to use all 30 hashtags on every single post. If you do the research and find the right ones, you can rotate them around and gain great exposure
    • Experiment with them, and track them each week when you do your weekly stats check
    • Use location hashtags to reach your audience near you
8. Use Reels! If I had a $1 for every time I heard...... I don’t want to do reels, I don’t need them….  I would be EXTREMELY rich! Let's teach you our tips for reels
    • You don’t have to dance
    • You don’t even have to show your face
    • Set some time aside and spend a little time going through the businesses in your industry. Have a look at what they are doing, if you like what you see, save the reel to your list so you can go back when you are ready to give it a go
    •  Use these tools to create your reels. You can also use our favourite like

9. Use Sponsored ads – DO NOT BOOST. Boosting has its advantages don’t get me wrong, however, you have a lot more control on your ad campaigns in Ads Manager.

10. Set up your shop. If you are an e-Commerce business and you don’t have your products available o tag and showcase on your profile you are going to get left behind FAST.

If you need help with your Instagram we are always here and ready to showcase our talents and teach you exactly what we know.