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✔️ Email and Facebook Funnel development.

✔️Weekly Targeted Email Campaign - targeted to nurture and promote (you will need a Klaviyo account for this. We can help you set this up if you currently do not have Klaviyo)

✔️ Create a customised landing page to promote specific product campaigns, launches, and premium offers.

✔️Meta Ad campaigns adjusted on a weekly basis (ad spend on top) Testing audience targets and tracking conversions.

✔️Monthly Google Analytics report, which includes keyword ranking, keyword suggestions, and an overall business marketing report.

✔️2hr monthly planning strategy session - includes 6 month growth session

✔️Website management and updating for ranking keywords.

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Have you been in business a while now and your ready to scale?

Scaling is our middle name! When you are working on your business development you don't go from zero to one hundred in the first six months, your wheels would likely come off quickly. Growing through a well-defined process is how you succeed. It's like constructing a tower; you can't advance to the next level until the current one is finished.

Competition is fierce, and it won't get any easier as e-commerce continues to expand. It's critical to have a strong marketing plan in place.

Attention to detail is what will help you cross the finish line. Understanding what's going on in the background is crucial to devising a plan and changing it as needed to optimize your results.

Our scaling packages are made to give you exactly what you need without requiring you to juggle a lot of balls in the air. Allow us to take care of that and let you focus on doing what you love.

Choose either a monthly package or go all in and commit to a quarter or 6 month package. If you need that little help with your product photography, we will work our magic at our end and even send you the copies for your socials and website!

Marketing Scale

Business Marketing - Scale